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this is not a blog about cuddly kittens and precious puppies. this is more of a blog to show you the kind of people i interact with on a daily basis and just how morbid this job really is.

also, i work with the county that takes in animals from a very dangerous city. the people i encounter are interesting to say the least.


a 3 year old male that is FIV+

We are only allowed to keep 3 FIV+ cats in the shelter at a time. Cats that have this are not going to die sooner than others. It merely means that if they do get sick, it is very hard for them to get better. so you would think a shelter is the last place they should be.

Havisham is a loving cat that really is like a dog (not just because of how fat he is). He is vocal and lazy and just handsome. Havisham would either have to go to home with other FIV cats or go alone.  Because he has this awful disease, he will most likely never be adopted, and eventually be put to sleep. And it’s not fair because he’s really just as deserving of a home, if not more.

i was thinking about contacting an HIV community and see if they would be willing to take the cats. because they should understand what it feels like to be judged by a sickness that you have no control over. These cats do not deserve to die alone in a cage.

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